Welcome to my website The Slimier The Better. I built this for people with children whose idea of fun is making slime. On this site you will find slime kits, slime ideas, and most of all fun.

My Story

I am a mother of 5 children and their idea of fun is to make slime, play with slime, or watch kids on YouTube play with and make slime. I thought it to be a complete mess at first and refused to let my children play with it, but when I saw what joy it brung to them I couldn’t help but purchase them some.

Slime not only keeps them busy for hours on end, but it also helps them to be creative.

Also, if you have children who are add, adhd, and who have bad anxiety slime helps. I struggled with one of my children and her learning ability but slime catches her attention, so I was able to help her with her colors, her shapes, and her math. I know what you’re thinking HOW MATH. Simple by letting her make all the slime her heart desired and then having her add how many blues or reds or pinks she had, or how many more purple than green.

Why I Want To Help You

I want to help you because I know how hard being a parent can be and with slime it can make it a lot easier. I know you thinking how can it be easier, but it can. There is just something about slime that draws children’s attention and eases them.

Even as an adult slime can help you. When you are having on of those frustrating days and it seems like you are going to burst I guarantee if you grab some of you are child’s slime and start to play with it, it will calm you nerves and bring you down to the level of sanity you are looking for. Don’t believe me? Next time you are having one of those days grab that slime and tell me how you feel after playing with.

I want to help the children who have trouble learning. Slime makes learning fun and kids love fun. They don’t see it as doing work they see it as play time, but as a parent you know you child is learning the things that seem unteachable to them. It’s a win win kind of thing.

Bringing Education With Fun

My goal for this website to teach the unteachable. As a parent I know how frustrating it can be teaching you are child the same thing over and over but it just isn’t working. With the magic of slime anything is possible.

Not only was I able to teach my child who I thought to be unteachable, but I also managed to teach my 3 year old. My 3 year old now knows all her colors, how to count to 20, her ABC’s’s, and where her body parts are like her eyes, nose, mouth, ears, knees, elbows etc.

I did all of this with the magic of slime. If you ever need a helping hand or want to know my tricks with slime and how to educate with it, please don’t hesitate to email me. My email is on my website in the privacy policy



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