In this article I will break down to you some ways to learn with slime. I myself have 8 kids, 2 of which have learning disabilities. When I discovered how to make slime and teach them as we made it I was fulled with excitement. I learned how to help my children retain knowledge all while having fun. So it didn’t seem like learning to them it was just something fun to do. Now let’s get to the break down.

Learning Color

Some of you make think it is easy for children to learn colors, and in most cases it is, but when you have a child with a learning disability it isn’t so easy. What I did with my children was turned it into a game. As, we would make the slime we would say the color, then put it in a game. The game was to match it with everything of that color outside, and when we found something of the same color we would sing the color song that we made up for that color. Before I knew it my kids knew their colors although they sung it when they saw the color I did not care because they knew their colors. My 3 year old even joined us and she now knows all her colors.

How to teach basic math with slime

I know what you are probably thinking “How can you learn math with slime?”. Well I am here to help break it down to you. As, we you know when you go make slime you need ingredients. Well what I did was had my children put the same ingredients together or in math terms “groups”. After, they put them into groups we would count how many were in each group. After that we would compare the groups to see the difference of how many or how less. Then began the math we would have a group of 5 items compared to a group of 3 items. I would ask them how many more or how many less did one group have than another. Before I knew it and before they knew it they we adding and subtracting, but in their minds they were just seeing which groups were the biggest and which were the littlest and the number and made one bigger or one littler than the other.

Learning how to count with slime

This topic is a little similar to teaching basic math, but with this one we would make the slime first. What we did was make a bunch of colors with the slime. Then we separated them into groups of the same color. We made a lot of slime. There were piles of just one of one color or ten of one color. After, we separated them we would count how many of each color was in each groups. After, we did that we would create that number with slime. Meaning they did some art work and make numbers with the slime. I helped them a few times and then let them try it on their own and they did amazing. Why did they do amazing? Simple because they didn’t know they were learning they thought they were playing and creating something new. It is amazing the things they have learned and all I did was mix learning and slime together.

How to learn shapes with slime

Learning shapes with slime is pretty awesome. After, all the slime is made we would lay it out on the floor to make art. As, we made art we learned shapes. For instants we would take the yellow slime we made ( always sing the color song when playing with the colors it helps them to remember it more) and make a sun. When we got done with the sun I would say “Yellow circle makes the sun” and we would repeat it every time we did the sun. We would make orange rectangles and act like it was cheese then we would say “Orange rectangle makes yummy cheese”. We would make green triangles and say ” Green triangles makes trees”. So on and so forth so now when we are outside my kids will see the sun and say yellow circle, or see a tree and say green triangle. I am very proud of my children for what they have obtained just from making slime. I am also glad I found a method that works to help them learn.

Sum up Slime Learning

As a parent teaching your kids can be hard and sometimes frustrating. That’s why they have schools right. Wrong!! Schools try their best to teach kids all they need to know, but when you have a child with that learning disability its hard for teachers to give them that special attention they need to learn. Even when they put them in a smaller class room it doesn’t work because everyone learns at a different pace and in different ways. So when I found out how I could help my children learn as a group and with it being fun I was over whelmed with happiness. I tried a lot of things. I tried letting them write letters and numbers in shaving cream. I tried it with salt, food, even candy but nothing seem to help them retain the knowledge I was teaching them. Slime is the popular thing nowadays so I figured I would give it a go with that. What do you know it worked. It is a big improvement for me and my family because teachers have even tried their hardest to help my disabled child retain knowledge and they couldn’t even figure it out and she got held back in kindergarten. Now my baby passed with flying colors and I am proud to have been a big part of her success. So for all you parents out there who have little ones or children with learning disabilities I truly hope you try out these methods and see what a wonder and impact it can be on your child(ren).

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